“I believe story is treasure that we kept inside, and I think it is beautiful to listen to these stories. We all kept our stories in our heart and never told anyone about them, and after some time, we lose them. And i believe, these little treasures should be revealed.”

Above is a quote by Diana Nguyen, a second generation Vietnamese immigrant who came to Australia. I discovered this quote when i visited Immigration Museum in Melbourne. This reminds me of a best friend that told me this years ago,

“we have been given opportunities to experience life differently, the hardship and the joy, to be shared to others”

They became the main reasons that inspired me to write and publish my writing and personal stories in this blog. And sometimes, its just a personal chatter.

You can call me runa. Some said i am too serious, but the others said i am too relaxed. Which one of them is true? instead of convincing you which one is right, or try to describe you through my own perspective, i invite you to feel me through my writings and photos. Then, you decide. After all we are the creation of our own perceptions.

Where do i live now? In the beautiful city near the Alpine Alps, Freiburg, in Germany. However, this usually changes, i moved, a lot.

to reach me : instagram @runalittlestories | or leave a comment

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