It took some time to write about Rotterdam. As much as i like to write life stories, this story is a lot different. You might feel a bit disbelief or say unbelievable, because thats what i felt at first. But life goes on, no matter what happen to you. So, here it is.

In previous story of Plum Village, i mentioned in found family there, including what i call, a brother. He is from Rotterdam and the first time we met, we just “clicked”.

He was my tour guide of the days. I even didn’t bother to google things. We went to Markthalle, Hotel and Museum SS Rotterdam, and a sky line restaurant so we can enjoy Erasmus Bridge from above. He also invites me to his house to have dinner with his family. I taught her daughter how to play guitar (only very basic chords!). I also met his wife and his son. They were very lovely.

On top of that we went to Cubic House, got into one of the building served as hostel and walked in like a guest to explore the architecture for free. And for all this he took personal leaves just to show me around. And he did it twice! Since i changed my itinerary because of my overbooked flight in Napoli. How come someone did this for someone he just know? I don’t know, even until now. But this was not the first, my theory is when you find someone with same vibe as yours, you just become family. And you will do what a “family” do. For me, he was not just like a brother, but a combination of father and brother, or might be elder brother is more precise.

So far the story is nice and great, so what i was talking about? What is this unbelievable part? It is what happen after that.

During one year later, he told me that he got separated with his wife and currently in the middle of divorce. He decided not to pursue his career, meaning move to London, and want to do a year break. And now spending most of his time in Fiji, try to heal himself from painful divorce process. The hardest thing for me is to “see” him suffer and could not do anything. I try my best to be there because i realize thats the only thing i can do.

When he told me about his separation and i couldn’t believe it. He is so kind and funny. His wife looks like a great person too. His kids were happy. They looks like they are in good place. But there is always a complex story behind what we see in the surface. Everyone has troubles that they keep themselves. I could not tell more in this story because this is his story and i am very careful on what i can write publicly and what i should not, on top of the anonymity effort i put on all the stories in my blog. And now he shared his with me, meaning he trust me, and i treasure it very much.

When i was imagining moving to Germany for my master degree, i was also imagining visiting him and his family one day. And i felt i have this family await for me. But now, he spend more time in other part of the world in Fiji.

But thats life. Life could turn in different way. In a year, or even a second. It does not mean that it is something bad. Its just something different. A big change we need to adapt, bit by bit. A chance to “metamorph”. Hopefully become something more beautiful, more graceful. Like a butterfly.

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