Live Blogging : 31st December 2016

Here I am, at the end of my grand trip in circling Europe for 67 days. It started on 25th October 2016 and it ends today, 31st December 2016. Why 31st December? It’s because it’s the more dramatic way to end 2016 like this. Apparently I have a bit of drama queen character inside me. 

I am sitting alone in middle of Brioche Doree in Charles de Gaulles Airport Terminal 1 with plenty other travelers who also travel in New Year’s Eve. I am listening to compilation of music that I found along the road, starts with Sara Barailles, Patrick Watson, Plus One, Stephan Moccio, Bon Iver, Arthur Beatrice, Bobby McFerrin, and many more. Most of them are new in my eyes and ears, both names and their music. But each of them has their own story in my heart. 

Just a moment ago, it was snowing in Charles de Gaulles Airport. In the past days I didn’t see any snow in Paris, but yet it happened here. It was magical and it was the best last moment in Paris, and Europe. I couldn’t wish anything better than this. As a fact, I couldn’t imagined this trip more than I have been experiencing so far. I remember how afraid i was, to go with this trip, but deep down I believed the more afraid I was, the more I felt I should did this. And, my guts were right. 

As I need to leave Europe, there are indeed  a few things that hard to leave behind physically. The cities, the vibes, and the people. Yes, especially the people. Each of them has given me something to learnt. One of them pushed me to break my walls – a lot – and I was really grateful I met him. Leaving these special people was damn hard. The thing about this trip was I always aware that I would go back to Indonesia at a certain point of time. Therefore, I cherished each day and moment I spent with this precious people. That’s why, it’s easier day by day, because I have no regret. Thank. You. To. Each. Of. You.

I received many responses for my decision to travel in Europe. Some people did not get it. Some people was wondering why. Some people was amazed. And more – both negative and positive. Whatever responses I have received until now, I don’t think much about them. The most important thing for me is, this is my life journey and it is for me to understand, not others. So, for you out there who wants to to this – a road to yourself, please do so. Go with your instinct. If you don’t have money, earn it (this is the most cliche excuses always hear – I am not rich myself). Yes, it is required effort but it is worth it. 

Last but not least, I am very happy now because I am doing my first live blogging to be actually published. I have plenty of live blogging draft that did not make it – too much thinking and/or too less time. I still have 5 hours left before I depart to my 18 hours journey back to Indonesia, followed by a very long beauty sleep. 

Wherever you are, I hope you have an amazing day and have a great New Year Eve! 

(Almost) Bonne Annee from Paris! 
Love you all, 



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