2015’s reflection

How do you measure a year in a life?

From a corporate quantitative approach, its by comparing actual annual performance to the year end target. Is it that easy? Does our year measure by only comparing those numbers? Does those number give meaning to our overall happiness? Maybe it is for you, but it is not for me.

While 2014 was the year to challenge myself in a new arena, 2015 was the year to think more on long-term life aim; who i want to be in my 30’s? what things do make me proud of myself? Even though there were discoveries along the year, this was not about a whole self-discovery or to find the whole new me. I am comfortable on who i am (too comfortable, perhaps!). Its more about the journey to become the best of myself. In 2015,

I learn the importance of a balance life. The left and right brain. Analytic and intellectual capability with art exploration. Ambitious-demanding work objectives with easy-going focused personal objectives. A hard working time and a personal time off.

I learn more about perspective. One topic can generate multiple opinions. One action can generate multiple kind of reactions. That sometimes, the truth itself need to be shaped beautifully; not to generate false truth, but to be easily understood, so it can reach others.

I learn more about friendship. That it come in different forms and ways. That full colour of people only can be seen in different kind of situations, both the good and bad times. And, surprisingly, the geographical distance does not necessary equal to emotional distance. But, still, that short moment with our best people is the best moment of all.

I learn more about emotion. That human can bury it deep inside, but can not escape it. The only way is to acknowledge, face, and feel it with courage and tenderness. Once we overcome it, we can be real and happier.

I learn more about human dream and its power. That dream change with the dreamer. That dream is why we get up every day. That dream does not need to be the next big thing. It can be as simple as to see our love one’s smile or the wave of the ocean everyday.

I learn more about passion. Passion is not about mastery, its about a pure joyfulness. That loving music does not mean we need to master all musical instruments; just to enjoy the tune as it is. But, learning one certainly give us a sense of unimaginable pleasure.

I learn more about happiness. That the happiest people in earth is not the most successful people (whatever success mean for society; wealth, status, etc), but belong to the simplest ones.

I learn that life goes on with its term. Clock is ticking even when we are staying still. That sometimes, even though we can not stop it’s ticking, its okay to stay still, to take a moment in this fast pace world. After all, life is not about the race.

I learn that the best of life come with the worse of life. That yin and yang exist. That maybe the best of the best of life is to face the worse of life with the best version of ourselves; not to blame, but to forgive.

It comes to the greatest learning of the year, I learn more about forgiving. That in the worse situation, anger is not the way. That sometimes, we can understand logically why someone we trust can bring harm to us. That above it all, the only thing we need from them is their decency of honesty; its not always about apology.

Back to the question above. How do i measure a year? Inspired from a beautiful song, Season of Love : “How do you measure a life of a woman or a man? In truth that she learnt? Or in time that he cry? In bridges she burnt, or the way she die? Its time now to sing out. Those stories never end. Remember the love. You know love is the gift from above. Measure your life in love.”

A year consists of 525,600 moments (read: minutes) of life. Some of them are the moment of tears from the pain. Some of them are the moment of love that calm the tears. Both moments are meaningful for me; what doesn’t kill you make you stronger, right?  :’)

Thats how i measure this 2015, from those moments. The truth i learnt. The time i cried. The bridges i burnt. And, the love from all beautiful people in my 525,600 moments. I believe each of us been through amazing journey in 2015. No matter what the result is, i don’t forget those incredible moments. And, i hope, you too.

Now, its time to close the moment 525,600 of 2015, and embrace the moment 1 of 2016.

Happy New Year 2016. I sincerely wish your life can be full of beautiful things as much as possible.

Jakarta, 1st January 2016




Wait… “What 2016 means for runalittlestories?”

Of course, i don’t forget. There will be what i call as a very slight but great change on this blog. It will continue to run in English, but there will be no intention to convert this to Bahasa Indonesia at all (Sorry!). I decided English as a medium to share the stories from my friends that coming from all over the world.

In the beginning, the motivation behind this blog is purely writing for my dearest family and friends; to share with them what is really going on with my life, especially when i travel. But, along the way, it reached to more people that i never imagine. Therefore, this blog will continue to run as its true purpose. But, later in end of January, i will have exciting news for you on how runalittlestories as a writer will reach even more wider audience. Wish me luck! :’)

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