happy mothers day, My Mom

This was written back on 6th August 2011. I feel today is the perfect time to reveal it.

Its all started when i watch a video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fVe3dtgz-fg&feature=share). This make me re-think again.

Same as the person on this movie, sometimes I behave like that. I become inpatient, and usually become mad.

As time passed, one second, one minute, I start to think about this.I realise that we can tolerate our children but we can not even tolerate our parent. Then, as usual, one question pops out, Why?

We learn to live, we learn to be successful, and most of us don’t learn to fail, to die. We can tolerate children, be patient with them because we know that they are children, it makes sense for us if they don’t know. It is because we all agree that they are still in learning phase.

How about our parent then?

For most of us, parent is a figure that we admire the most. In our perspective, they are the best. They know the world better than us. They are the person that we look for if we face some blockages. That’s how we see them.

As time passed by, we are all growing old.

For us (in the middle-age), We grow from a child, to teenager, to adult, and there will a time that we will be a parent. We are in the ‘grow to be better’ phase. As we grow, we are becoming bigger, stronger, smarter, wiser, in one word, better.

But, we need to understand that at a certain age, we will change to “grow to degrade” phase. We will start to forget things. All our senses will start to degrade one by one. Seeing, hearing, sensing, walking, running, one by one will be hard for us. Our body starts to shake in every activity we do. And maybe one day we even can’t run anymore.

It will definitely come to us. But it will come to our parent sooner. As I said, we are in ‘grow to be better’ phase; and we forget that our parent is in ‘grow to degrade’ process.

We admire them so much and sometimes we don’t even think that they are going to be on ‘grow to degrade’ phase. If we can, why they can’t? That is not an appropriate statement for them. We should know that sometimes limitation exists and all we can do is appreciate and understand. We need to understand that our parent will degrade and need us. Need us to understand, as they understand us when we were a child.

It’s not easy, but it is do-able.

I am grateful in my position right now, as an adult. Not just because I am in the perfect condition as a human, but also because this is the perfect time for growing, understanding, and giving as a human. We are not perfect and no one is perfect. But we can do our best to understand.

Every time the emotion peaks up, take a deep breath and try to remember our childhood moment. The moment where our parent talked to us very patiently. The moment of family kindness. Then smile, and return the same to them. Not as payback, but as a result of the kindness that they planted in each of us.

Happy Mothers Day! :’)



This article is dedicated to my mother. I may not the perfect daughter, but i always love you, in my unique way.

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