Perth in Adventure, part b

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My first instinct was i need to find someone that i can ask. So, i went to the butcher shop and asked about Kingsbury Drive. No one in the butchery knew. I walked around nearby and found the heart of the town. It’s practically in front of the train stop but in the left side.

I went to the grocery shop and buy 2 bottles of Gatorade. When i paid, i asked the shopkeeper about the Kingsbury Drive, and he didn’t know either. He referred me to the post lady on the left side of the shop. It was crowded with people queue waiting for post something or to get some posts. I felt impolite if just came and interrupt the people, so i queued.

Not long after that, the shopkeeper came back to me and pulled me from the queue. He brought a map and another shopkeeper lady. They showed me the map and the direction. They confirmed that there is no other way except walk. They also told me that the day before there was a lady came and walked to the Monastery. I found it’s interesting and encouraging.

Based on the shopkeeper’s details, it’s 10-minutes drive or 20-minutes walk. I grabbed a hat and started the walk. This is why i mentioned before, if Uncle Google cannot find it, neither will you.

The route is quite easy to follow, but it is a long long walk. I am not sure why they said “20-minutes” walk, or maybe i am not that fast. From the station to Kingsbury Drive intersection, it took me 1 hour and 10 minutes. It was a flat road and most of the time there was shade of the trees along the road. I walked carefully, not too close with the bushes, as Australia is famous with its snake. I am amazed with the very good signal on my phone. Google Maps assured me that i was in the right direction.

Then i turned to the Kingsbury Drive. Its different kind of road. It is on uphill, so i need to climb. It was hard, but it also a very nice view. You’ll see the horse range and bull farms. It was beautiful.

In the middle of the road, someone offered me a ride. They came from the opposite side of road. In the car, i saw a man driving with his wife and their 2 cute girls inside the car. They looked safe. The words that was in my head is “Do you mind to give me a ride?”, even when they already said that they wanted to offer me a ride. Perhaps i just wanted to make sure that someone offer was offering me a ride in the middle of somewhere.

They turned around and really picked me up to my destination. I told them that i am going to a Buddhist Monastery uphill and they know it. They actually came from the suburb nearby the Serpentine and had a picnic on the Serpentine National Park. Their girls are very cute and shy.

Only in 5 minutes later, we arrived on the gate of the monastery. After said thank you and waved good bye, i walked across the street and went in the monastery. I can’t thank enough to those family that offered me a help to get here. When i saw the “Bodhinyana” on the gate, i really almost burst to tears. Finally, i am here.

Me in middle of somewhere

Me in middle of somewhere

Bodhinyana Monastery

Bodhinyana Monastery

Bodhiyana Gate

Bodhiyana Gate










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